Evil Regal Outlaw
You have too many admirers! How can I win your heart!.. I mean.. I also have some shades you know! And glasses! Wink wink!

That’s hot ;)

How old are you?


Did you hear Maleficent is returning for 4B?

I Love the message on your ask box. It always makes me laugh.

Well I’m glad to make you laugh ;-)

Evidentially there is glass on my floor and it is now in my hand :(

oh my gosh what kind of job do you have??

Lol, I’m a firefighter and paramedic. 

Is there currently anyone who's piqued your interest? [Romantically, physically, whatever]

Real people in real life? lol. No. Not romantically at least. I find a lot of people hella attractive, physically. But there’s no one I’m around that I’m actually interested in. Not for some time, now.

What's the craziest/weirdest thing you have encountered while doing your job?

Well drug OD’s can be a riot and my first one, I had one where the guy was tripping like crazy and had striped down butt ass naked, running around the streets and the cops had to taze him…they got him in the ass. So that’s where the prongs were sticking out and it was just an interesting experience for my first OD. 

I had a run involving herding cattle and that was by far the weirdest report I ever had to write because it was relevant to the pt’s condition as she had had her panic attack due to fear from said cattle charging her. Which wasn’t even remotely the initial reason we had been called there. That was a weird day. 

I’d need more time to think other stuff, lol. 

Are you dating anyone? If no, date me? If yes, consider dumping them and date me.

I’m not dating anyone right now.

Hmm, well you do have some sexy shades there ;)

Are you in a relationship?

Nah :/

Favorite OQ fic?

I haven’t really read much tbh. Just random ficlets. I just rewatch the episodes, lol. 

Anonymously ask me something

I’m in one of those moods.

If you had the chance who would you rather spend the night with, Regina or Lana?

I probably put too much thought into this, but I’m saying Regina ;)

I loved what you had to say about Rumple and Zelena. I don't understand why people insist that Regina was in the wrong when she tried to spare a life and Rumple is the one who murdered a defenseless woman. I actually like Rumple and I don't like to look at their redemption arcs as a contest, but in this situation it's obvious that Regina did the right thing and Rumple made a big mistake.

Thank you. I don’t understand either. What I truly don’t get is this level of Rumple apologizing. It’s one thing to acknowledge the mindset he was in and that many would have done the same thing. It’s an entirely different story to reach this far to say it’s all actually Regina’s fault. That had Regina allowed Rumple to execute her sister, right there, on the spot, no chance at any fair trial or anything similar, then he wouldn’t have been forced to lie to Belle. 

This is a level of excuse I cannot even wrap my head around. Regina was supposed to allow her sister to be murdered. But because she didn’t, everything is her fault. 

I just can’t accept any of that.